Blogging Alzheimer’s

How annoying.

I had the perfect dubious medical test that I had wanted to write about from a skeptical viewpoint. It was a test that looked at many different blood tests and biomarkers and claimed to be far more sensitive at detecting cancer and a wide variety of diseases. It was obvious to me that its claims were without basis, and, as I settled down to watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, my laptop at the ready, I was all set to write yet another brilliant takedown of such nonsense.

And then an annoying thing happened.

I couldn’t for the life of me locate the link to the nonsense to which I had planned to apply some of Orac’s patented Respectful Insolence™. Damn. Where had I seen it? E-mail? I searched and couldn’t find it. I looked at all the histories of every browser on every computer that I have, both at home and at work.

No luck. Where the hell was it?

Had it been a phantom of my imagination? Is it a sign of early onset Alzheimers’ that I can’t remember where it was?

Whatever it was, I forgot rule number one of blogging: Whenever you find an interesting link that you want to comment on, remember to save the damned link!