Let the poo fly again!

Good news!

One of my favorite skeptical bloggers, Matt at Pooflingers Anonymous, has ended his blogging hiatus. I was sad to see him announce in early January that he was leaving the blogosphere , and I’m happy to see that he’s back in business.

It turns out that the constant intense exposure to the rampant credulity of creationists like Kent Hovind and the writers of the Evolution Cruncher had made him fear for his critical thinking skills and even his mental health. (I warned him about it at the time, but would he listen? Nooooo!) He had to take a break just to recover.

Now he’s back, tanned, rested, and ready to fling poo at pseudoscience once again.

Those of you not familiar with Matt’s work should check out his magnum opus, The Hovind Files: Lying for Jesus. Intrepid skeptic that he is, he risked grave mental harm by actually watching all twelve of the “Blue Series” of Kent’s anti-evolution videos and reported on it. Such is the breathtaking inanity (to steal a line from Judge Jones) of Hovind’s anti-evolution arguments I could only wonder at Matt’s willingness to subject himself to such severe mental abuse for the cause of skepticism. I recall that one time when I listened to an interview with Kent Hovind, I could feel my neurons dying after just a short exposure to his truly idiotic anti-evolution blather, forcing me to turn stop listening after around 15 minutes. I still have no idea how Matt pulled it off.

Truly, the man took a bullet for the cause.

Another high point was his hosting of the Skeptics’ Circle. His format was–well, you just have to read it to believe someone went to that much trouble.

Please join me in welcoming Matt back.