Here’s a blog carnival I can get behind

i-e8032432b40c655af124957409767c1f-Jack Bauer.2.jpg

After the last blog carnival I mentioned, here’s one I can really get behind.

Regulars around here know that I’m a 24 junkie. I have to get my fix of Jack Bauer’s adventures (including his uncanny ability to get to almost anywhere in southern California within 20 minutes, regardless of traffic conditions) every Monday night, and, if for some reason I can’t (out of town at a meeting, the fairly uncommon call for emergency surgery, whatever), I have to ask my long-suffering wife tape it for me. The coming of my former favorite guilty pleasure, The Apprentice, to Monday nights just means that I won’t be watching the Donald say, “You’re fired” anymore. (Here’s a funny take on that very issue.)

Now I can get my fix in the blogosphere with a new blog carnival, The Carnival of Bauer. So can you.