The “Darwin Is Dead” carnival


I love blog carnivals.

In fact, I love ’em so much that I hosted four of them took one over when its creator decided to retire from blogging.

But here’s one that PZ, RPM, Afarensis, and all of the other ScienceBloggers inclined to defend evolution will want to wander over to see just how inane some creationist arguments can be. Indeed, the Pooflinger has already targeted them for some particularly ripe debunkings:

Yesterday marked the launch of an entirely new carnival over at Radaractive called, amusingly, the “Darwin Is Dead” carnival. Oh yeah: and it began with a whopping five (count ’em: one… two…) submissions of such high quality poo target material that I feel I might spend quite a bit of time over there in the coming days.

I can’t wait.

My favorite entry? This one, of course, right there on a blog with a picture of Jesus holding a rifle. It even uses the some of the most easily debunked creationist canards as serious arguments, canards such as the “carbon dating is inaccurate fallacy” (in response to a TalkOrigins piece that points out that the age of the earth has been estimated by Pb/Pb isochron age yet) and the “evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics” canard. Of course, this article mines one of the creationists’ favorites, the “evolution is a religion” territory.

Heck, maybe some of us should submit articles to the next carnival.