PZ’s Blog-Fu is strong…

Just when I think I’m starting to get a lot of regular traffic, leave it to PZ to show me that I’m still a bit of a peon. Normally, I get around 1,500 visits a day, but what happens when PZ links to me, as he linked to yesterday’s post about RFK, Jr. and his conspiracy-mongering?

Nearly 4,000 visits, and the spike still hasn’t subsided.

Nothing like that to show a guy his true place in the blogosphere, eh?

Of course, if that had happened six months ago, it would have been a ten- or twenty-fold spike in my usual readership; so I guess I’ve made some progress in shamelessly promoting myself.

ADDENDUM: It’s been pointed out to me that PZ’s Blog-Fu is so strong, that some skeptics even seem to think that it was he who wrote yesterday’s takedown of RFK Jr.’s paranoid rant, not me. PZ just linked to it.

Geez, that hurt the ol’ surgeon’s ego…

Since my blog appears directly below PZ’s on the ScienceBlogs main page, it makes me wonder how much of my traffic is due to people looking for Pharyngula accidentally clicking Respectful Insolence.