Good math

Here’s an interesting new blog that I discovered via Trackback.

Remember my post yesterday praising a certain commenter who chimed in about the Geiers.

He’s started his own blog called Good Math, Bad Math, which he describes thusly:

…in my experience, one of the most clear ways of identifying a crackpot is through math. No matter the specific subject, the crackpots always either avoid or screw up the math. Whether it’s the “mercuy causes autism” folks, the Velikovskians, creationists, alt-medicine quacks, republican pollsters, or scientologists – you can always recognize the crackpots by their math.

So I’m going to do my best to provide a voice of mathematical sanity – both by showing what’s wrong with the bad math slop pumped out by the loonies, and by showing how good math works.

And he delivers right away, first by adding more commentary about the Geiers’ bad statistics (where he points out another problem with the paper that I missed) and then taking on the concept of cellular automata.

Gee, if he sticks around the blogosphere long enough, I might just have to ask him if he wants to host a future edition of the Skeptics’ Circle.