Happy Birthday to PZ–from EneMan!

A little bird told me that today is PZ Myers‘ birthday and instigated a little blog birthday party for him among various science bloggers. I wondered how I might send my wishes to him for a happy birthday or whom I might invite.

Then it came to me. There was only one entity, one creature appropriate to the task, one being who hasn’t been heard from on this blog in a while. Indeed, he hasn’t been heard from since I made the move to ScienceBlogs.

Yes, you have to look below the fold to see it:

EneMan 2004-08
EneMan says: “Happy Birthday, PZ!”

(Who else could it be, but that tireless defender of colon health, that caped colon crusader, that happy-go-lucky guy with the hat whose function you really don’t want to think about too closely and who seems way too happy in his work, given what that work is? Who better to convey birthday wishes than EneMan? And if PZ is perplexed, I would point out that it could just as easily been the Hitler Zombie.)

Once again, for those of you late to the EneMan phenomenon, those of you who may have just joined us here after I started at ScienceBlogs, here’s a record of every appearance of EneMan since the very beginning:

And our high colonic crusader hasn’t even made his March appearance yet. Oh yes, I haven’t forgotten.