The Holocaust History Project fire: Thanks to all for your support!

Yesterday, after arson at the offices of the Holocaust History Project (THHP) earlier this week, I made an appeal to the blogosphere to link to THHP. My concept was thus: Since the arsonists appear to have wanted to silence THHP, I thought that it would be a fine “screw you!” to them to get as many bloggers as I could to link to THHP and increase its readership and exposure as far above what it was before as my humble efforts could produce.

And boy, did you come through! From fellow ScienceBloggers to fellow RINOs to a variety of others, lots of you have linked to THHP and the press release describing the arson. One of my favorite bloggers, David Neiwert of Orcinus, who has covered neo-Nazi movements and far right wing extremists for years, has weighed in on the attack. Heck, Socialist Swine (of Capitalist Pig vs. Socialist Swine even made up a couple of nifty buttons that you can use to link to THHP:


Consequently, I decided to start a new thread to list everyone.

Thank you all, and I’ll post updates when there is new information.

Those who have linked (more to be added as I’m made aware of them):

Finally, for any I may have missed, there is Technorati and a Google Blog Search.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, send me a Trackback or leave a comment here! (Note, due to a serious Trackback spam problem that we’ve been having, all Trackbacks are moderated. Please don’t get worried if you don’t see your Trackback right away. I’m in the O.R. today and might not get around to approving them until this evening sometime.)