The joy of scheduling

Those of you who’ve been around a while may have noticed something different about the blog over the last few days.

What’s happened is that, instead of doing what I normally used to do with my old Blogspot blog and either posting right after midnight or posting messages that I had written the night before right before I left for work every morning, now posts are appearing throughout the day. They’re no longer bunched up at midnight or between 5:30 and 7:30 AM. Does that mean I’m risking my job blogging at work continually?

Of course not.

It’s because of the wonder of scheduled posts. Now, thanks to Movable Type, I can write my post (or posts) the night before and then set them to publish whenever I want. On days when I have more than one post, instead of posting them all early in the morning or shortly after midnight, I’ll now be spreading them out through the day, thus ensuring a more even and steady flow of that Respectful Insolence™ that you’ve all come to know and love (well, most of you besides alties, anyway). That way, you won’t OD on insolence in the morning and then have to wait a whole day for more. Today is a bit of a test, and I wrote a few posts to test scheduled posting on and see how it works.