Sockpuppet envy

I’m feeling a bit envious right now.

Kevin Leitch has something I haven’t. He’s acquired his very own blog sockpuppet:

Someone (and it’s really not hard to guess who) has created a little sockpuppet site for me. Whomever (ahem) it is has also started sprinkling the blogosphere with spicy comments from ‘me’.

How cool is this? Someone (ahem) is worried enough about what I say to start a whole new blog to sockpuppet me!

I could get annoyed about such a thing but really, we have to look at it this way – I must be making a much bigger impression on someone (ahem) then I thought I was. Enough for them to be really worried about the success I’m having in getting through to people.

Indeed. Unfortunately for Kev, whoever started the site seems to have taken it offline; the link to which Kev referred is now dead. But it was fun while it lasted. Ånd, of course, I find Kev’s speculation that Sigourney Weaver must have been behind it all to be highly credible.

After all, who else could it have been?

In any case, I suppose I should be careful what I ask for when I whine about not having a sockpuppet blog; I just might get it.