Tangled Bank

A new Tangled Bank is up at fellow ScienceBlogger grrlscientist’s Living the Scientific Life. Time to catch up on the world of science as reported in the blogosphere over the last two weeks.

While you’re perusing the science, you might also want to wander over to Evolgen and join him and the Genetics Society of America to protest the retreat from support of biomedical research that the President’s proposed budget for FY 2007 represents. As I pointed out not long ago, the total NIH budget is flat, without even an adjustment for inflation, and the budget of the National Cancer Institute has been cut for two years in a row. The benefits of the doubling of the NIH budget that occurred between 1998 and 2003 are at risk of being eroded.

Finally, don’t forget: The Skeptics’ Circle will be appearing tomorrow.