They’re not too bright, are they?

Excerpts from an e-mail to Professor Deborah Lipstadt criticizing her for taking Holocaust denier Arthur Butz to task during an interview on FOX News:

Although I am not anti-semitic, your Jewish greed is overbearing and crippling. The world is beginning to see the collective Jewish attempt to control the world economy and world media.


Another example: the recent killing of the French Jew raises interesting questions. There is no doubt that the world is beginning to feel the oppression of Jewish greed.

Why have attacks on Jews been increasing in Europe and Russia? Why is the Jewish media pressuring the arrest of people speaking out against the extent of the Holocaust? Why have the Jews written all major history books for! our young children to become indoctrinated with?


Have you no intellect? The world Jews are doing exactly what the Romans did 2,000 years ago: they got arrogant, stupid and overextended their luck. By the end of the Roman empire, they had more enemies than allies. STOP your exaggeration of the Holocaust to simply get more $$$.

Why is it that, whenever you hear someone say something along the lines of “although I’m not an anti-Semite” or “although I’m not racist,” almost inevitably will follow an anti-Semitic and/or racist tirade? I’ve seen it so many times in alt.revisionism. As soon as I read a disclaimer, I know the tirade is coming.

These people just aren’t too bright, are they?

Sadly, that doesn’t keep them from doing immense harm.