A well-deserved accolade

This just in:

Doctor Who has been nominated for three prestigious Hugo Awards this year, according to an announcement made yesterday by the award’s administrators and the 64th World Science Fiction Convention, L.A. Con IV. Taking three of seven slots in the “Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form” category are the Doctor Who episodes Dalek written by Robert Shearman, Father’s Day written by Paul Cornell, and The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, written by Steven Moffat. The three are running against an episode of the new “Battlestar Galactica” series, the Pixar animated short “Jack Jack Attack,” the short film “Lucas Back in Anger,” and a live event, the “Prix Victor Hugo Awards Ceremony” performed at last year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Scotland, which was written by writers Paul McAuley and Kim Newman (both of whom have, coincidentally, written for Telos Publishing’s Doctor Who novella range).

I’m a little surprised that more Battlestar Galactica issues weren’t nominated. Personally, I’m conflicted. Dalek was a great episode, but The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances was perhaps the high point of the season.