Here’s one foreign object story I’ve never heard before

One thing surgeons sometimes have to deal with is foreign objects placed in various orifices. As a general surgeon, I’ve seen various objects swallowed or placed in the rectum or nose. But I’ve never seen a case like this one described by RangelMD:

The other day the topic came up (don’t ask how) about cases where foreign objects are inserted into various human orifi (and I don’t mean green beans up the nose). One “interesting” (read, “difficult for males to listen to”) case involved an apparently bored male who decided to insert a strand of weed eater line into his urethra.

Once the line reached the bladder it curled up and the distal end retracted further into the urethra so that he was not able to pull it out. This was followed by the requisite trip to the local ER, urology consult, the semi amused looks and hushed voices of the staff, and an interesting cystoscopy to remove the lost line (ICD-9 code 939.0 Foreign body in genitourinary tract, Bladder and urethra).

This story grossed even me out…