My first ban

After his behavior in Monday’s post about the Geiers, I’ve reluctantly decided to issue my first ban ever on a commenter. The one on the receiving end?

Fore Sam. Is anyone surprised?

His rhetoric has become increasingly violent-sounding, with his posting comments suggesting that Kathleen Seidel should be taken out and horsewhipped. That’s over the top. I cannot tolerate threats, either explicit or implicit, against others in the comments on this blog and have come to agree with Kev. I thought about it a bit after Fore Sam’s remark above, and I’ve decided to ban him for 30 days. After that, I’ll lift the ban on an experimental basis (if I remember to bother). If he gets on my nerves too much again after that he’ll be banned forever.

Enough is enough.

I’ve been ridiculously patient with Fore Sam, so much so that it may have hurt the blog experience for the rest of my readers. I don’t mind vehement disagreement with me, but Fore Sam is either a Troll or a Ferrous Cranous, or perhaps a combination of the two, with a touch of Troglodyte thrown in for good measure.

I’ve come to realize that my desire to be fair may have overridden my better judgment and that I probably should have done this a long time ago. Certainly my wife would agree. (She’s been asking me for months why on Earth I put up with him.) Perhaps so do some other bloggers who have also banned him. Whatever mild amusement value Fore Sam’s idiotic ramblings might have provided, they’ were not worth putting up with increasingly violent rhetoric.

If anyone wants to see examples of what Fore Sam has “contributed” to various blogs and posted on his own blog, check out a compilation of his “greatest hits” compiled by Joseph.

I’ll give him one more chance in a month.

For any questions, see my comment policy.