Better late than never: How EneMan came to the U.S.

Yes, I know I’ve been remiss lately, since moving to ScienceBlogs, about getting these out on the first of each month. And I’ve been hearing about it too.

Given this years’ theme of EneMan Travels Through Time, you might wonder where our caped colon crusader would turn up next. Well, wait no more! For the month of May, EneMan shows that he’s a true blue American through and through.

EneMan 200605

I bet you didn’t know his American pedigree stretched so far back–or that the Pilgrims on the Mayflower had such a problem with regularity, which would have been a real bummer on a long ocean crossing. Good thing the Pilgrims apparently anticipated this problem.

Starting next month, I’ll try to be more on time for the monthly appearance of the guy with the funny looking hat whose purpose you really don’t want to think about too closely.

EneMan’s also unhappy that he hasn’t gotten a chance to do another Ask EneMan; so maybe I’ll let him, if a suitable topic presents itself. We wouldn’t want our mascot to be unhappy, now would we? After all, remember who would replace him if he ever left.

Neither you nor I would want that, I’m sure.

As always, a list of the Caped Colon Crusader’s appearances since the very beginning: