Madness in St. Louis (a suburb of St. Louis, that is)

This has to be one of the most idiotic laws I’ve ever heard of. It’s so mind-bogglingly unjust that no further comment is really necessary other than that it would have been a minor matter indeed to fix the law so it could achieve its intended purpose (to prevent overcrowding) while not tearing families apart. The City Council had a chance to do just that that and explicitly voted not to.

Afarensis has more.

I tell ya, I have to stop with the political blogging and get back to something medicine-, science-, or skepticism-related. First the atheist Holocaust denier and white supremacist, Fred Phelps’ hateful religious nutjobs, then Vox Day’s idiotic historical analogies on immigration, then Ward Churchill’s trying to become a left-wing version of David Irving, and now this.

I need some sanity. (Maybe it’s the grant writing that’s making me wallow in this craziness. It certainly has had me sitting in front of my computer for long stretches of many hours.) In any case, I think my prolonged foray into more or less straight political blogging has gone on long enough for now. Politics is like a spice for this blog; just a little interspersed with my usual topics adds flavor, but too much is nasty.

Now watch, something that gets my goat will pop up tonight and force me to pay attention to it. If that happens, I’m going to resist. Maybe I can find a good paranormal story to debunk.