Basking in the adulation of my fans

It looks like Orac has acquired a new fan.

You see, yesterday I wrote a rather long fisking of Vox Day. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to continue it yet again; this dead horse has clearly been beaten enough). In it, I happened to make a brief mention of and link to an apparent admirer of Vox’s who goes by the ‘nym of MikeT, who defended Vox’s idiotic Holocaust analogy while calling him a “devilishly clever bastard.” I found his comments while doing a Technorati search to see what others were saying about Vox’s article, and my mention of MikeT was very brief.

This morning, out of curiosity, I checked to see if he had written anything more on the matter and found this comment in response to my TrackBack:

Orac, too much of a left-wing sissy to get laid by anyone but one of his students.

Well, I guess that that settles that. Clearly Orac is no match for such an encyclopedic command of history, such a powerful mastery of logical argument, and such dazzling rhetorical gifts as those possessed by MikeT. Truly his Blog-Fu is too powerful for poor Orac.


It looks like MikeT noticed my little bemused retort. His response? More of the same:

I feel accomplished. I got precisely the sort of reaction out of Orac that I had expected. More proof of my theory that most of Vox’s critics are poorly built finite state automata…

MikeT’s criteria for his feeling “accomplished” appear to be quite low. Certainly his feeling “accomplished” doesn’t seem require him to do something like think critically or address the arguments and evidence of those with whom he disagrees, as I did with Vox Day.