Accept no substitutes for Skeptico


Grant crunch time or no grant crunch time, I couldn’t let this pass.

This week’s host of the Skeptics’ Circle, Skeptico, has been one of my favorite skeptical bloggers for a long time now. As a measure of how good he is, he now has a doppleganger blog.

Damn, I’m a bit envious. No one’s seen fit to try that with me, other than J. B. Handley’s rather pitiful attempt at cybersquatting the domain

On the other hand, it’s a creationist using Skeptico’s name. Besides, spouting bogus “critiques” of Darwin (just how tiresome, bogus, and unoriginal, Bronze Dog shows here) this False Skeptico has been leaving comments on other blogs as “Skeptico.” How lame can you get? It’s not as if he’s even posting interesting or even slightly original creationist twaddle. As The Real Skeptico says:

What a lame-ass – can’t even use his own blog name. What does he hope to achieve? To confuse people into thinking I favor intelligent design? To generate extra traffic to his lame site? Clearly, he doesn’t think that rational argument and evidence will be enough to convince people that ID is valid.

Or, even better, as Skeptico puts it in his Blogger profile:

I am the real Skeptico – unlike the lame creationist twit Kennesaw Williams who posts pro-creationist comments on the web using my name. Kennesaw Williams is Skeptico in the same way that Intelligent Design is science – ie he isn’t. Accept no substitutes.

Indeed. Well, it succeeded in generating traffic to his site, but perhaps not in the way he expected.

In response to this creationist troll, I humbly request one little thing from my readers:

Deluge The Real Skeptico with submissions for The Skeptics’ Circle by the deadline Wednesday evening to make it the biggest and best Skeptics’ Circle yet. Show The False Skeptico what real skepticism is, as opposed to the “skepticism” of Darwin he is posting about.

How’s that for turning a creationist annoyance into yet another shameless plug for the Skeptics’ Circle?

You know, this whole thing gives me an idea for a theme for the next Skeptics’ Circle. I know how I would approach hosting this week, if I were Skeptico. Let’s see what he does with it.