Pat Robertson on Jews

i-334198f0d6c76c5d8ba07b226302ffe4-robertson.jpgI’ve commented before on some of Pat Robertson’s loonier statements. Given the sheer fundie religious nuttery that he regularly spouts, it takes something related to my regular blogging interests for him to catch my attention.

I know it’s amazing, but somehow he managed to do just that. First, a little anti-Semitism:

When you think of Jewish people, you think of successful businessmen. You think of people that are very wise in finance and who are prosperous. And when you think of poor countries around the world, you’d never would consider the nation of Israel. But in parts of the Jewish nation, poverty is growing at an alarming rate. Watch this.


It shocks people to hear that there’s poverty in Israel. We assume Jewish people are very thrifty, extraordinarily good business people. There shouldn’t be poverty there. What’s the story?


You know, I’m again in stunned disbelief. How could it possibly be that a country as rich as Israel can have this problem? Is the government addressing that problem?

Yep, how could all those Jewish bankers and businessman be poor? After all, everybody knows that the Jews control world finance, banking, and the U.N., right?

But a little passing on of Jewish stereotypes is nothing compared to Pat’s view on Muslims:

But you know, the truth is, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been said years ago that Islam essentially is a Christian heresy. They picked up snippets of the Gospels, picked up snippets of the Ten Commandments, the Pentateuch, writings of Moses, Abraham. You go back, you find many, many references to Moses, many references to Abraham, many references to the true Christian message. And here you’ve got everything that Jesus said that is true being transported into this fictional Mahdi. But to think there’s a man now in charge of a government with nuclear weapons that is willing to bring about the chaos that is necessary to fulfill what he believes is important. And yet, is he having some perverse view of what actually is going to happen? Well, Jesus told us there will be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, diseases, famines, pestilence. We were told before he comes back that there’s going to be tidal waves and signs in the heavens. We know this is going to happen, but not for some Mahdi.

Nope. According to him it’ll be the second coming of Jesus that’ll lead to all those wars and destruction, apparently. I have to tell you, I’d be just as afraid of someone like Pat Robertson having control of nuclear weapons as the President of Iran.