The science of sound in action

I’m probably going to catch some crap for this one, but it’s kind of amusing. So what the heck? From Australia:

Officials think the “Mandy” singer’s music will keep teens from hanging out and revving their engines in parking lots.

Officials in Rockdale, Australia will pump the music of Barry Manilow through speakers in their town to keep hooligan kids from loitering and revving their car engines in neighborhood parking lots. They hope that the “daggy” (slang for unhip) music will send kids fleeing. “Based on reports…daggy music is one way to make the hoons leave an area because they can’t stand the music,” Councilor Bill Saravinovski told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. In Tasmania, the music of Bing Crosby was successfully used to keep kids away from a shopping center in Tasmania as well.

I have my doubts that it would work. Around here, the “hoons” would simply turn up their car stereos blasting their own music (usually either rap) to drown it out, and the problem would be even worse than before. (Of course, if they did that, the police would have a pretext to chase them away.) Besides, you never know. Some kids might actually like Barry Manilow, you know, in an ironic hipster sort of way.