A lovely fisking of Ann Coulter

Via Evolving Thoughts, this article about Ann Coulter’s misrepresentation of the Dover case is just too good for me not to link to also. Best excerpt:

One part of her latest book that’s getting little notice is the part that deals with Dover and what is purported to be the “debate” over evolution.

She begins her screed by saying that liberals have contempt for science.


She offers as proof that liberals support stem-cell research.

Yes, I know, I don’t get it either.

Lots of conservatives also support stem-cell research. Nancy Reagan, for one. Arnold Schwarzenegger, for another. Gov. Arnold has even supported increased funding for stem-cell research in California, after the federal government, kow-towing to the religious right, cut off money to explore this vital area of scientific research.

“Liberals,” Coulter writes, “just want to kill humans.”

Moving on, she then says liberals worship the theory of evolution.

Which is science.

Which she says liberals hate.