Belated fecal anniversary wishes

One year ago yesterday, a turd flew, the first of many to come.

A new skeptic had arrived in the blogosphere, and he called himself (appropriately enough, given his propensity for lobbing fecalgrams at the credulous) The Pooflinger.

I feel real bad that I missed his blogiversary because of something as insignificant as being on an NIH study section. Well, no, I don’t actually feel that bad, because being on my first study section is a major step in my career. But, now that I’m back, I have to send Matt (a.k.a. The Pooflinger) some belated blogiversary wishes.

As you may know, Matt quickly made a name for himself deconstructing creationist idiocy after launching his blog. His magnum opus, The Hovind Files: Lying for Jesus, remains as a classic in both the point-by-point refutation of creationist lies and of self-abuse of a magnitude that even surgery residency didn’t approach. (Matt actually subjected himself to twelve creationist videos narrated by Kent Hovind, one per week. Personally, I’d rather go through surgery residency again than do that.) He then followed it up with a weekly deconstruction of The Evolution Cruncher called Crunch Squared. In the meantime, he managed to host The Skeptics’ Circle twice, once in Shakespearean fashion and once in the form of a future parable.

Here’s to a second year as successful and entertaining as the first year!