Welcome another surgeon to the blogosphere!

Sid Schwab has started blogging at Surgeonsblog.

One of his early posts is about a particularly difficult breast cancer patient that he had to deal with. He even shares my pet peeve about mammographers:

The radiologist who read my patient’s current xray reported that there was a cluster of indeterminant calcifications in the previously treated breast which, in comparison to a prior xray, had increased in number. Biopsy, according to the radiologist, was recommended.

There are about a dozen difficulties here, not counting the verbal assault I’d received. First of all, I hate it when a radiologist recommends therapy. It boxes me in. I want a reading, an interpretation, a diagnosis when possible. Leave the surgical decisions to me. I’ve had many a go-around with individual and grouped radiologists over this. Suffice it to say, there’s disagreement.

Say it, brother!

Go say hi for me. I’ve even forgiven Sid for having gone a bit overboard promoting his book in the comments of my blog a couple of months ago. I’ll probably even add him to my blogroll the next time I update it. We surgeons have to stick together.