Welcome Medpundit back to the blogosphere!

It was a sad day when of the earliest and most prolific medbloggers, Medpundit retired from blogging a couple of months ago. However, like many of us, she’s found that she just can’t keep out of the blogospher, and, via Kevin, M.D. and GruntDoc, I’ve learned that she’s back:

Well, it’s official. I’m a blogging addict. I can’t give this up. Not quite two months away from it, and I’m forsaking my family to rejoin the blogging life.

I’m not really forsaking them. They urged me to return. Smothering mothering is not working out well for us. Not only that, without blogging, my rants against the tort system, shotty medical research and reporting, and other topics generally covered by this blog have been falling on my family’s ears.

Hmmm. I wonder if blogging keeps me from torturing my wife and coworkers in a similar fashion. I can always tell myself that, anyway. I wonder if the same thing would happen were I ever to try to pack it in. Hopefully, I’ll never find out.

In any case, welcome Medpundit back. I guess I’ll have to add her RSS feed back to NetNewsWire. I sometimes have serious disagreements with her, but her blog is still one of the best straight medical blogs.