Does the war in Gaza and Lebanon fit the criteria for a “just war”?

Fellow traveler in the fight against Holocaust denial Andrew Mathis asks whether Israel has adequate justification for its recent attacks in Lebanon and Gaza based on “just war theory.” Basically, he finds that Israel meets many of the criteria, but fails in proportionality of response and using force as a last resort. However, he finds that Hezbollah and Hamas fail to meet these criteria by an even greater degree. I’m not sure I agree with all of it (for instance, I wouldn’t be nearly so hard on the Lebanese government, given that it really doesn’t have the power to rein in Hezbollah or prevent it from launching rockets at Israel, thus provoking Israel; I’m not sure how Lebanon could have kicked Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon, given its weakness; and I think Israel has probably reacted more disproportionately than Andrew does), but it’s interesting reading.