Jumping on the bandwagon for more woo

If Your Friday Dose of Woo from me isn’t enough woo for you, now Medgadget has inaugurated a new feature it calls Pseudoscience Friday (its first target: bioresonance testing). Between the two blogs, plus the Amazing Randi, that ought to be all the woo any skeptic could want to see debunked every Friday!

In the meantime, since I mentioned it so late, it can serve as a little appetizer before the skeptical feast that Mike’s Weekly Skeptic Rant is poised to deliver on Thursday when he hosts the Skeptics’ Circle.

The guys at Medgaget did have a good idea. They’re taking requests, and, now, shamlessly, so am I. I may have gone a little overboard with last Friday’s Dose of Woo, but there must be lots of other targets out there. Heck, I know there are.