Psychics at the Atlanta Zoo

Via Advice Goddess, I find that the Atlanta Zoo is using psychics to predict whether their prize Panda is actually pregnant.

One of them predicted that the Panda is definitely pregnant and will bear a male cub before September 4. I’ll give her credit for putting herself out there with a definite prediction. Of course, if she’s wrong, it’s likely that no one will remember. The other psychic was more cagey; she only estimated a 65% chance that the Panda is pregant. (I wonder how she came up with those odds?) Of course, if she’s wrong, she can just say that she had only predicted a 2/3 likelihood of pregnancy.

The Zoo P.R. flaks claim it was done “all in good fun,” apparently not being too concerned about sullying the Zoo’s image of using science-based veternary care? What’s next? Reiki therapy to try to induce pregnancy?