A candidate for funniest and most idiotic comment all in one

The other day, I posted about the reaction in the white power ranger blogosphere to Mel Gibson’s little anti-Semitic tirade. Apparently a blogger by the name of Occidentalist took umbrage in the comments at my having pointed out that the rantings about “the synagogue of Satan” contained on an anti-Semitic blog were, in fact, anti-Semitic and downright un-Christian:

Ya know the Talmud says Jesus Christ is boiling in hot excrement for all eternity, right?

Besides being irrelevant, that statement has nothing to do with the contents of my post. (I don’t recall mentioning the Talmud, Jesus, or the attitude of Jews or the Jewish religion about Jesus.) Thankfully, Sergey Romanov takes this anti-Semite to school, so that I don’t have to:

According to one version, yes. So what? Followers of Judaism are not Christians. Why should they respect Jesus? Do Christians respect Muhammad, or do they think that he is burning in fire for all eternity? So there.

This is one of the dumbest “arguments” ever.

Somehow, I tend doubt that Occidentalist shows the same respect towards the Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or other religions that he seems to expect that Jews show Christianity. (It’s possible that he’ll show me wrong, but I doubt it, given the vitriol he aims at the Jews on his own blog.) Surely he is aware that, according to some fundamentalist sects, the Jews are all going straight to hell unless they accept Jesus as their Messiah and personal Savior. Does that bother him as much as one version of the Talmud claiming that Jesus is in hell? If not, why not?

But the fun doesn’t end there. After a little allusion to civilian casualties in the fighting in Lebanon, Occidentalist goes on:

TW, Little Geneva is an EXCELLENT website, a must read for any thinking person.

And the black helicopters are very, very real.

I’ll give him credit for a little attempt at humor at the end (although I’m not entirely sure he wasn’t serious about the reality of the black helicopters), but Little Geneva is an “excellent “website?

Only if you’re a hard core racist and anti-Semite, in which case I would hardly describe you as a “thinking” person. Don’t believe me? Peruse the site. What I cited was but one rather mild example of the content there. You can start with A Trek Into the Heart of Whiteness and Caucasian Self-Hatred to get an idea of what I’m talking about.