Literature request fulfilled

Thanks to those who sent me a copy of the article I requested. Sadly, the library at my university has some rather large holes in its online collection. Even some fairly common journals are not represented. I’ll have to read it this weekend. You’ll all get personal e-mails from me later today, after I finish rounding on our service.

As for finding the paper online at the author’s website, personally, I find that to be a very uncommon situation, although I have had some luck in the past e-mailing corresponding authors. This is much the same as in the old days, when we old geezers would physically mail a request for a reprint to the corresponding author, who would mail us back a physical reprint. (You younger kids probably wouldn’t remember.) I still occasionally get such requests from scholars and researchers in Third World countries where Internet access is not as ubiquitous as it is here. In any case, this was a bit of a blog experiment, one that’s not likely to be repeated except under extreme and urgent need.

Thanks again.