From the depths of the Midwest, I call all skeptics!

Even though I’m on vacation, I would be remiss if I didn’t post a reminder to all skeptics and skeptical bloggers out there that the latest edition of the Skeptics’ Circle is due to be posted this Thursday. It’s being hosted by Joseph at Immunoblogging (although he tells me by e-mail that he may use this carnival as a kickoff to a new blog that he is working on, which would be cool if he pulls it off; you may notice that there hasn’t been a post on his present blog in three months–either way, I’ll post the link here on Thursday, as always). In any case, it’s not too late to submit examples of your best skeptical blogging to him at [email protected] by Wednesday, and join him for the latest edition of the Circle on Thursday (give or take, since he’s in New Zealand and the time difference may mean that the Circle appears only somewhere in the vicinity of Thursday).

As for me, I’m due to be back in the vicinity of my house later this week, and regular blogging will resume then. There is one issue that popped up not long after I left on vacation and has beenbugging me enough to motivate me to post about it tomorrow or Wednesday (when I’ll be at a hotel with wireless access); so be sure to check back. And, in the meantime, I hope you’ve been enjoying this trip down memory lane with my reposting of multiple examples of “Classic” Insolence from the old blog. There’s still more to come. Believe it or not, there’s still plenty left for me to repost during the week between Christmas and New Years, the next time I plan on taking a blog break for vacation.