The Republican War on Science

I just got a review copy of the new and updated paperback edition of fellow ScienceBlogger Chris Mooney‘s book The Republican War on Science (website). I didn’t get around to reading it last time, but I’ve already started the first chapter, even though I only received the book the other day. Thus, it would be premature of me to try to review it. However, it’s worth pointing out that, although my politics lean more conservative than probably all of the ScienceBloggers with whose politics I am familiar save perhaps Razib (certainly my politics are far to the right of Bora, Mike, and PZ–which basically makes me a moderate-to-conservative), one of the things that have most driven me away from the Republican Party has been its policies with regard to opposing and denying valid science, particularly when it comes to evolution and global warming.

I’ll post more commentary as I get further into the book.