Skeptics’ Circle reminder

It’s almost here already, hard as it is to believe. The next Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle is due to appear on Thursday, September 14 at Adventures in Ethics and Science. Given her spearheading of the lastest blog silliness that’s been going around here lately, namely the nerd-off that most of us have been engaging in over the last several days (apparently all of us angling for a choice role in the upcoming remake of Revenge of the Nerds), I think Janet is quite qualified to do an outstanding job with the Circle.

But she can’t do it without the help of skeptical bloggers, bloggers interested in critical thinking and the application of the scientific method. There are still three days left for you to submit your best skeptical blogging to the Circle. Janet tells you how here and lays down the deadline. Guidelines for what the Circle is about and what kind of posts we’re looking for can be found, as always, here and here.