An actual honest Holocaust denier?

While I happen to be on the topic of free speech and neo-Nazis today, here’s something that came to me via Holocaust Controversies, a Holocaust denier comments about Sergey’s post about the 65th anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre:

So is this the so-called “massacre” where kikes were supposedly massacred? God, but were it only so. Thus the volk who seek freedom fm Judaic oppression need merely review the proper historical dialectic.

He then goes off on a standard anti-Jew rant, citing arch anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Michael Hoffman III.

As you can see, this “Apollonian” is the variety of denier known as “the Holocaust didn’t happen but the Jews deserved it” denier (not to be confused with “the Holocaust never happened and it should happen again” denier). Now that I think of it, one of these days, I’ll have to list the different varieties of Holocaust deniers, a taxonomy, if you will. There are at least several distinct types.