Another one jumps ship

Getting back to politics one last time, founder and fellow RINO The Commissar is jumping ship from the Republican Party this fall. Read why here.

Although I’m a fair bit closer to the center than The Commissar, his thoughts echo mine to a large extent. Personally, I’m a big fan of divided government. The checks and balances work far better when no one party is in control of the legislative and executive branches, and legislation has to have broad bipartisan support to pass. Whenever one party controls both Houses of Congress for too long, it inevitably becomes corrupt, leading to the requirement for a housecleaning. If the executive branch is also controlled by the same party, this problem is magnified. It happened in 1994. Republicans today are every bit as corrupt, complacent, and out of control as the Democrats that they kicked out in 1994. It’s their turn to suffer the same fate.