Stick a fork in ’em

The Yankees are done.

Tigers win 8-3

The Yankees go home. Quoth Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman:

“I’m stunned,” New York general manager Brian Cashman said. “This team fooled me to some degree. Detroit was on top of their game and we weren’t, and that combination was lethal for us. I’m disappointed where we’re at now.”

Out of contention. That’s where the Yankees are.

Whatever else happens in the rest of the series, even if the Tigers fail to advance any further, this victory is particularly satisfying given the attitude of the media before the series and given my having to live within media range of New York. No one–and I mean no one–seemed to think the Tigers would be even a minor impediment to the Yankees. After the Tigers won Game Two in a close one, Tigers manager Jim Leyland even made a somewhat snarky postgame comment along the lines, of “I hope this puts a stop to the talk that we don’t belong in the playoffs.” Heck, one of the local radio sportscasters in New York even described the Tigers as a “light snack” for the Yankees on the road to the World Series.

Well, who’s just snacked on whom?

Yankees. A tasty little snack for Tigers.