Greatest baseball turnaround ever?

Tom Verducci makes the case that the greated reversal in baseball history has just occurred with the Tigers making the World Series. Although they didn’t have the worst record of any World Series team in the season before they reached the World Series (that “honor” belongs to the the 1991 Atlanta Braves), they had the largest number of consecutive losing seasons before their day in the sun, twelve seasons of futility:

Does all this make the Tigers the most shocking World Series team of all time? Yes. At the very least, they are on the short list with the 1914 Braves, ’69 Mets and ’91 Braves. But the Tigers get slightly more shock value because they were worse in their pre-World Series season (.438) than the ’14 Braves (.457) or the ’69 Mets (.451). And while the ’91 Braves made a bigger turnaround (.401), they weren’t as bad for nearly as long (seven losing years) as the Tigers (12 losing years). Simply put, no World Series team has ever been worse for longer than the 2006 Tigers.

How can you not root for this team to take it all? They’re the ultimate underdogs!