Fast approaching: The Skeptics’ Circle

Don’t forget, everyone, my favorite blog carnival (favorite, of course, because I happen to be the one coordinating it) the Skeptic’s Circle is fast approaching and will appear at Left Brain/Right Brain on Thursday, October 26. Naturally, because of Kev’s interest in debunking autism quackery, his decrying of the fall in vaccination rates resulting from the bogus MMR/autism scare, and his lampooning of the conspiracy theories popular among the “vaccines cause autism” crowd and the mercury militia. I naturally expect to see a lot of posts about autism and the dubious “therapies” used to treat it. But that’s just the emphasis. As always, the Circle will be open skeptical posts about all of the usual topics that have been its purview in the past, as described in the guidelines.

Kev has left instructions for how to submit your entries to him here. Send him your best stuff and help him make this Circle among the best we’ve had.