QuackSafe™ Google searching

Tired of doing Google searches for evidence-based discussions of dubious-sounding medical treatments and finding that the first 100 sites (or, if you’re unlucky, the first 1,000 sites) that pop up are nothing more than altie woo, shills selling alternative medicine and supplements, and CureZone or Whale.to wannabes? Here’s a useful tool. Le Canard Noir has put together a QuackSafe™ Search Engine:

The Search Engine will only return matches from sites and blogs that are known to supply reliable information about quackery, quacks, medical fraud and pseudoscience. It is based on the newly available Google Coop technology, but unlike Google, will not return sites that swallow fraudulent medical claims whole.

Better yet, a Quackometer QuackSafe™ Toolbar Button is promised in the near future!

You know, I may have to try my hand at the creation of a customized skeptic search engine using this system.