Fast approaching: The Skeptics’ Circle

Time flies.

In fact, it flies so fast that it seems only yesterday that Kev put together a great Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, but in fact it’s been over a week and the time for a new host to take on the responsibility is fast approaching. This time around, it’s Thursday’s turn to host the Circle at Polite Company. (Appropriate name, given that the Circle is scheduled to appear next Thursday, November 9.) It’s going to be hard to top Kev, but I have high hopes. But Thursday can’t do it without your skeptical entries. So, if you’re a blogger and have written something in the last couple of weeks having to do with critical thinking, the application of science, the dissection of logical fallacies, etc., then send that work to Thursday by next Wednesday for inclusion in next week’s Circle.

Guidelines for entries are here.

And, as always, if you’re a blogger who wants to give The Amazing Randi a run for his money, think about volunteering to host yourself. Take a look at the Skeptics’ Circle schedule and guidelines and the guidelines for hosts, and then drop me a line at [email protected]