An all time high

October was a very good month for Respectful Insolence, a very good month indeed. In fact, traffic for this blog reached an all-time high, edging out the previous best month (May 2006) by about 1,000 visits on Sitemeter. It just goes to show that, although traffic has more or less leveled off and is fluctuating around a mean, there’s still room for bringing that Respectful Insolence to more of the blogosphere.

It’s not as though I’m ever likely to catch PZ or Ed in traffic. (I’d need my traffic to go up nearly an order of magnitude ever to catch PZ; even I’m not deluded enough to see that happening.) Still, I like to think that as the (distant) number three most popular ScienceBlogger (well, much of the time, anyway, given that, with increasing frequency, either Mark, Tim, or a couple of others seem to be passing me as a result of the big boys linking to them, something that almost never seems to happen with my blog), I try harder.

Thanks to all my readers, and don’t forget to spread the word. In fact, our mascot was so pumped at the news that he decided to take to the skies:

i-213d47c26bc0763f6058f80afb913fc2-EneMan 200611.jpg

That EneMan, he’s everywhere. I wonder how he does it.