Autism and Scientology?

Is there a connection between Scientology and the mercury militia? Kevin Leitch examines the evidence. As he points out, it’s not as far-fetched as it might seem at first:

Everybody knows that Scientology has an almost rabid outlook on psychiatry and what they deem psychiatric labels. Its so bad that Xenu-lover John Travolta is allegedly hiding the fact of his son’s autism for fear of offending his masters in Scientology.

Scientologists have a natural theoretical affinity with the mercury militia and in particular the DAN! ideology. They are firmly against medication and firmly in favour of ‘detoxification’ when combined with saunas. The belief is that detoxification ‘loosens’ the toxins which are then sweated out in intense saunas. Sounds familiar right?

Just like the moonies, scientology has untold business interests in all-natural and CAM based treatments, particularly detoxification treatments. So, when you combine business interests with religious zeal you get people highly motivated to move in on people they target.

Are there any scientologists targeting autism? Oh yes. Scary but true.

Looking at Kev’s article, although I’m not sure if the linkages described by Kev are just cooincidences due to similar interests in detoxification woo, I do find it rather disturbing just how many Scientologists are involved in selling the dubious mercury-autism connection. I also fear for Kev. Scientology is well known for being exceedingly litigious and bullying when it comes to criticism.