The 47th Meeting of the Skeptics Circle: Circle of Heroes!

Holy Reiki, Batman! This month’s Skeptics Circle, hosted by Polite Company, has landed, and it’s a doozy. In fact, it’s a Circle of Heroes:

Observe the Skeptic:

often battle-hardened by years of living in a world gone mad with magical thinking and spurious logic;

frequently alone in the fight against codified irrationality;

forced to search far and wide for another candle in the darkness, hoping that one day enough candles together can create the flames of a new renaissance;

I like it.

Next up is someone who’s hosted before, Jim Anderson at Decorabilia. Please note that, due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., the next edition of the Skeptics’ Circle will appear one day early, on Wednesday, November 22. (I figured that most people would probably prefer to be stuffing themselves with turkey and watching football than surfing the ‘net.) The guidelines for posts are here.

And, as always, if you’re interested in hosting, drop me a line at [email protected] (You don’t have to be a superhero to host, but it probably helps.)