The 48th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: Last Will and Testament

This time around for 48th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, a skeptic by the ‘nym of decorabilia presents his Last Will and Testament to the Circle, and bequeaths his worldly possessions to his fellow skeptics:

I am old and tired, my son. I feel the creeping chill of death in these creaking bones. I smell the heather of heavenly meadows and hear the distant strains of Gabriel’s flugelhorn. Listen as I croak out my last will and testament. Lean in close. No, not that close. Your breath stinks.

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Next up to host is Dad of Cameron over at Autism Street on December 7. Start getting your skeptical blogging entries ready to submit to him, and join us back here then. If you’re interested in hosting a Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle yourself sometime, then drop me a line at [email protected] The schedule and a description of what the Circle is about can both be found here.

In the meantime, to everyone in the U.S., have a happy Thanksgiving. And don’t overdo it chowing down on turkey.