Something every surgeon should have: LifeStat

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to post for a while that somehow got buried in my list of cool, weird, or interesting links. One of the things they teach surgeons and emergency medicine doctors about is how to use common materials at hand to do, MacGyver-like, a cricothyroidotomy to save the life of someone who has an airway obstruction and is choking. But that’s just so inelegant. Why use such crude methods (and take the chance that the necessary materials, like a straw or a Bic pen whose plastic body you can use as a tube, aren’t readily available)? Get a hold of LifeStat, the cricothyroidotomy device that you can carry around on your keychain:


Unfortunately the link to the site where you can buy the product doesn’t appear to be working. Damn, I snoozed; so I lose. I’m guessing that the customer base for a product like that may have been a bit too small.