The “Holocaust never happened but the Jews deserved it” subset of Holocaust denier

I’ve mentioned one particularly odious (well, more odious) subset of Holocaust deniers, a type that I call the “Holocaust never happened but the Jews deserve it” type of Holocaust denier. These Holocaust deniers claim that either the Holocaust never happened or that it was greatly exaggerated, while at the same time spewing anti-Semitism along the lines of, “The Jews deserved everything they got” from the Nazis. (Never mind that the denier just said in the previous breathe that the Jews never got much of anything as far as persecution from the Nazis). If you don’t believe that this type of denier exists, take a look at this example of just such a denier, brought to my attention courtesy of Sergey Romanov over at Holocaust Controversies:

Am I a holocaust sceptic? Actually, I am not a holocaust sceptic. I unreservedly deny that there was any program to persecute the Jews. Scepticism does not enter into it. I know for a fact that the Jews got everything they deserved. Persecution does not even rate in this endeavour. The ‘German’ Jews, if I were in charge, would have been executed, every single one of them, Man. women & child, if they were proved to be traitors to Germany. The rest I would have put in prison camps. Why? Because I am no fool. I know what they were up to, sabotage and filthy dirty behaviour, just as they are promulgating in the United States of America and globally today. I make no apologies for it. Paul Grubach has it wrong. He is too soft on the Jew! Like Pastor Wickstom and Pastor Jones, every Jew needs to be killed. I am a Christian, I hate, Like David, King of Israel, every Jew with a PERFECT HATRED.

Translation: “The Holocaust didn’t happen, but the Jews deserved it.” (Alternate translation: “Hitler went way too easy on the Jews.”) To take a glimpse into this guy’s “thinking” (such as it is), you can find the full post here, complete with Biblical quotes justifying his hatred, and Nick Terry discusses more of this guy’s vile views in another post.

Yes, there are actually people out there who possess such vile beliefs.