A brief word on Michael Richards’ racist tirade

I know I’m a bit late in on this one, and almost everyone’s already commented on it. Obviously Richards’ gratuitous use of the N-word was about as funny as a crutch, but Trey Ellis tells us why as he addresses Richards:

If you had just said the n word you might have one day been forgiven but you went for a lynch joke. Yes, a lynch joke. Is that being cheeky and irreverent? Is that like that wigger shit Tarentino tries to pull, crowbarring the n word into every script because he thinks he’s that bad of a white boy?

I don’t think so.

Suggesting that your obnoxious hecklers should be lynched for disrupting your set is about as funny as having suggested, had they been Jews, that for their rudeness they be gassed.


Sadly, too, as Ellis points out, the race hucksters are moving in to capitalize on Richards’ idiocy. What Richards needs to do is to lay low for a while and let the famously forgiving American public forget about this incident, so that he can later make the expected comeback.