The 49th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: The Medium is revealed

Those of you who have been kind enough to submit your skeptical blogging to this week’s edition of the Skeptics’ Circle may have been puzzled by the replies you received. It appears that DoC relied upon a certain medium to transmit the entries telepathically or by distant reading to DoC.

Well, now that the Circle is here, it would appear that DoC is AWOL. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon your point of view), the Medium has taken a hand and channeled the entries to a certain very famous deceased skeptic named Harry, who is as we speak transmitting them from the other side to Autism Street for your edification. (Be sure to watch the brief introductory video!)

Next up to host is Humbug! Online, who’s scheduled to take this thing over on December 21, 2006, just in time for the Holidays. And what are the Holidays without a little skepticism? Oh, wait, that’s right. The Holidays are the very antithesis of skepticism. Never mind. I guess that must means that skepticism is needed this time of year more than usual; so, if you’re a blogger interested in science, skepticism, and critical thinking, get cracking and send your work to Humbug! Online by December 20! Guidelines for what we’re looking for can be found here.

And, as always, if you’re interested in hosting a meeting yourself sometime, drop me a line at [email protected] The schedule and guidelines for hosts can be found at the Skeptics’ Circle archive site.