Methinks the Hitler Zombie has a new theme song…

Whether they know it or not, Pharyngula and Mixing Memory may have provided our undead Führer with a catchy new theme song. Yes, I know. You might think the Hitler Zombie would be more partial to martial music with a Triumph des Willens sort of feel to it. The problem is, I don’t think there is any such music that encompasses what our zombie is about as well as this does. The song is by Jonathan Coulton, and here he is doing a live folk version, complete with zombie audience participation:

Pretty catchy, eh?

Next, the audience will be heading out to label their political opponents Hitler. And, for completion’s sake, here’s the video with the recorded version (which is a bit more rock-oriented) featured by PZ and Chris:

And an anime-tinged version:

You’ll be humming this song the rest of the day. I guarantee it.

I also just had a scary thought. Wouldn’t it be cool to use footage from Triumph of the Will and set it to this song?