Vote early, vote often


I know, I know.

When I first found out that I had been nominated for a 2006 Weblog Award for Best Medical/Health Issues Blog a few days ago, I initially said that I didn’t think I would win and didn’t really care if I would win. And it was true.


Then, much to my surprise, I found myself actually in the lead by a sizable margin for a couple of days, but over the last day or so a diet blog has passed Respectful Insolence in the voting. Now that I see might actually have a chance to win this thing, I’ve had–shall we say?–an attitude readjustment. I’ve decided that maybe it’s not so undignified to lobby for votes after all. Now, you might think that, now that I’m a little behind, I might decide to go negative the way that PZ and the Bad Astronomer have.

You’d be wrong. I have standards. At least for now, anyway. And, as a demonstration of those high standards, I’ll have to bring out a certain ally to urge you to get out and vote for me:


That’s right. EneMan wants you to vote for Orac. Now. And every day until December 15.

After all, nothing says “award-winning medical blog” quite like a giant smiling enema bottle waving the American flag, don’t you think?

Also, you wouldn’t want to disappoint EneMan, would you?